Valentine (smlvalentine) wrote,

Madness, Greyhound Style

I made a trek to New Hampshire this past weekend to visit my girlfriend. I usually take it upon myself to make such easy trips into a pilgrimage of sorts which means two things: I'll be hitchhiking and riding a bus.

Now, I hate Greyhound (the company) but love taking buses. You meet new friends or new brands of madness which always makes for a unique experience. This time was no exception. During the ride an older woman walked to the back of the bus, from her seat in front, and proceeded to distribute the following treatise to anyone who would accept it (hit the image and see if you can decipher her diatribe):


Goodness! She has quite a bit to say! I have every intention of bringing this, risks be damned, to the next poetry slam my university holds. Don't worry, I'll attribute everything appropriately. It's not like I'm using my Microwave Technology To Abuse Her Wash In The Night.

This time.


Race Separation, I Disown The Black Race, A One Woman Fight.
Tell The Man Not To Send His Black Girl And Boy To See About Me.
Toiletries Abuse. Locate My Shelter By Microwave Technology.

John Rodwin Ringwald

1. Take My Toiletries To Keep Control Of My Wash In Prostitution

2. Passing Out My Toiletries. Lipstick Offense Fungus.

3. Putting Black Names Ownership And Prostitution Directives On My Toiletries And Saying That Blacks Pay For My Toiletries.

4. John Rodwin Ringwald’s Street Fungus Abuse To Wash Me More In His Bleach DNA Wash Prostitution Offenses. Hepatitis C Offense On A Erie, PA Shelter. A Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Directive.
5. Breaking And Entering On My Wash. Ghetto Street Pimp Minister. John Rodwin Ringwald. A Panel Of Black Church Men And Women In The Night Thought And Attacking Me Racketeering Prostitution Offenses. Cutting Me And Tearing Up My Gown In My Wash. High Blood Pressure + Diabetes Offense.

6. Black Church Oral Sex Offense Line Abuse. They Send There Ghetto In Coats To Attack Me Saying That They Are Cleaning There Color. There Black Church Women Gave There Men My Wash, And They Own The Oral Sex Offense. Putting Stains On My Clothing And Cutting My Outfits. Lard Injection, Saline Bag, And Liver Disease Offense A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist. Myrilyn Gibbs, A One Woman Fight. Race Seperation, I Disown The Black Race. Trash That Sat On My Travel.
Tell Every Fram In Town To Hit Them Off Of My Shelter. Protection Take There Pay Off, Take There Racketeering Offenses Deals, And Bad Paper.

They Are Pimping Military CIA Technology. Carl Wyman They Have Technology That No One See There Travel.
Black Church Ghetto Army. Directives From Kurston Sawyer. [illegible] Organization Black Man, Howard Warner, Pimp Man In The Night. A National Black Microwave Abuse Oppression For Ten Years In Every Building. Controlling My Was In A Prostitution Oppression. Black Man, Howard Warner Own The White Boy From Atlanta, GA. To Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. Black Coat Woman Oppression Black Men And Women In The Night Of The Black Church. Pimps In The Night. The Gutter Of The Black Church And The Ghetto.
Send For SWAT And The Military To Get Them Off The White Towns.
1. There Main Frames, (Whole Microwave Technology) The Have Enough Technology To Control Three (3) Countries. It takes Ten (10) Black Frames To Control A Country. Ten Main Frames. Thirty (30) Black Ministers. Chemical Processed White Niggers. To Collect On The Offense Funds Stalking My Travel. Racketeering.
2. Black Line Abuse. John Rodwin Ringwald’s Pim Line Up. The Say That They Are My Brain, Spiritual Direction. They Have A White Box Saying White Racism And Microwave Abuse.
3. Black Box Abuse. Carl Wyman Own The Black Box To Ad Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. He Employs White Men In The Night To Travel Them Safe And Open The Lines To The Town To Attack Me And Hand Over White Towns To There Black Men And Women In The Night To Abuse In Prostitution.
(4) Microwave Technology 667. A Prostitution Technology Now. John Rodwin Ringwald Put A Klansmen Raft On My Technology To Attack Black Women. He Is A Chemical Processed White Nigger Police Officer Now. They Travel The Technology Saying White Racism Is Attacking Me.
5. Microwave Moron Technology The Whole Town For Prostitution [illegible] The Offense, Oral Sex Offense On the White Wealthy Towns, Men Women And Children And Government Officials And White Domestic Violence Shelters. No One Sees the Offense.
6. My Raft 2257. My Raft Says I Am Not To Be Refused A Service. They Are Separating Technology To Keep It Safe. They Have Technology That No One Sees There Travel.
7. Twenty Million Black Frames. Hazel The Offense Controls The Black Frames. She Owns The Oral Sex Offense On Your Wealthy White Men, Women And Children. Government Officials Reals. Twenty Million Black Church Frames Stalking My Travel.
A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs, A One Woman Fight.

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